This conversation and/or argument, which he was quite passionate about - although it must be said that his passion when speaking is more felt than heard because he has a quiet force about him


Book Review: The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck.

You may or may not have come across the book, the subtle art of not giving a fuck. Since I started reading it a couple of days ago all I’ve done is come across it - on Instagram, roadside bookstores or somebody starting a conversation with me from seeing funny excerpts of it on my …

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How To Improve Your Sleeping Habit By Following These Simple Steps.

Sleeping comes so easily for some and others literally count the ceiling waiting for it to envelop them. If you find it hard to just close your eyes and sleep, then it’s probably punishment for all the times you took nap time for granted in elementary school (I’m imagining my primary school teacher, Ms. Dada …

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The Virgo Flu.

Source I’ve been trying to write and kind of hitting a wall; I wouldn’t exactly say writers’ block because I had various topics and was actually already writing them but suddenly get either tired, bored or moody right in the middle of it which is so weird because I’m not a quitter. Who knows, this …

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What does any of these mean?

So I found Mila Kunis half buried in sand, tried to save her life and ended up getting accused, by her, of being an illegal immigrant. Here’s the wild gist of my latest dream that’ll leave you as puzzled as I am. OK, so I was in my office walking beside the cleaner (who I’m …

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The Best Way to Skin Care For Acne

Acne can really, truly be the worst. We've all been there, looking forward to a date, or day, and then waking up with a huge pimple (s) saying hello on your face. It's right up there with your make up failing you when you have somewhere to go but sitting perfectly when you have nowhere …

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A State of Depression.

So I recently discovered that Nigeria has the most depressed number of people in Africa. That's far from surprising but it is ironic for a country whose dear citizens don't believe in depression (to be fair there's been an increase in awareness lately) and are guilty of covering up family members' suicides and share improbable …

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Love Emoji

Dear woman, You really don't have to comment an emoji in reply to a stranger's tweet asking you to signify that you're single and searching in the hopes of being "luckily" picked. Quite frankly, it implies that you're open to dating just ANY man and may encourage people to think they can take advantage of …

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