The Journey Begins


Here’s a bright and colorful lily in the hopes of beautiful beginnings here .



Am I a coward?

About a year ago,i turned things around and just learned how to talk things out because it was affecting all my relationships.

You know how men complain about how women always want to “talk about feelings”; well that quality was definitely missing in my genes, if anything I’m one of the beleaguered men.

I couldn’t stand confrontations, in fact I would honestly rather wish conflicts away, let emotions pile up and then one day flare up on my poor unsuspecting friend which leads to mutual unhappiness or scars the friendship.

Thank God for understanding friends who must be masochists because they always come back. It was in one of these dreaded “talks” that a friend finally made me realise that life and relationships couldn’t grow that way- even though I didn’t want to hear it – and she was right.

Even in dating, my partner could act some type of way I couldn’t stand and i just wouldn’t nip it in the bud until basically when it was too late to say anything because I set the tone for not talking about my feelings!

I realized I avoided these conflicts because I just hate when I don’t get along with people and didn’t want to be disliked or say things that might result in a fight but all this worrying was for naught because my attitude after the feelings piled up still ended up with my secret nightmare- conflict. It was a catch 22 situation.

Age was probably a huge factor and the fact that I woke up to how I wanted to be treated and treat people and just plainly see that you have to talk about your feelings. No need to be mushy or overstate the point just make it clear what you like and don’t like

Don’t keep things inside, express yourself !It’s healthier.

Like the controversial Kanye- igniter of conflict- said, spread the love.

Horrible Bosses

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 14.25.25

This is officially one of my all time faves. I’ve seen it about 10 times and as soon as the story line becomes just a little hazy, I’m re-watching that shit.

The scene where Dale had qualms about stealing a phone from somebody  he intended to murder kelt (killed) me. Jason Sudeikis saying “I’d like to bend her over a barrel and show her the 50 states ” just so it can be a thing from a movie. lol inapprops. Continue reading “Horrible Bosses”

Compliment me!

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Official Introduction: This is a direct passage way into my delusional, crazy, vain mind.

So obviously i joke, I’m not dead inside lol…..or am I?. okay, okay  whatever but seriously some people have never paid anyone a compliment in their lives while some people have never been complimented which is just sad.

In this expensive, devalued country it literally costs nothing. Although to be honest even air is precious in this heavily carbonated and no- tree- planting state.

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